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A tale about a man and a lost diary.

Being in Japan and not knowing the language can be hard if you can’t even recognize the signs around you. Thanks to this game, you’ll become able to move around the city easily while you try to return a lost diary to its owner.

Look at the keywords on her diary, try to find them in the world around you and guess their meaning in order to find the owner through getting to know something about her. Could it be possible to fall in love with a person you’ve never met?

In game movements and actions:

  • Movement with arrow keys or WASD
  • Interaction with objects by bumping them
  • Inventory toggle with "i" key
  • Inventory vocal hint with mouseover on elements
  • Menu to close the game with Escape


  • Stefano Tumminello
  • Guido Gerosa
  • Filippo Gerosa
  • Desirée Telaretti

Install instructions

Just unzip it and enjoy, or download and run it directly with the Itch desktop application.


Wasurareta Nikki.zip 27 MB

Development log

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